How to Build a Drill Press Table?

A drill press table provides support and lays out a solid foundation for you to start drilling efficiently and productively. You can place a fence and measuring rulers on your table, as well as serves as a base for holding your drill material in place.

In this short tutorial, we are going to show you how to make a custom drill press table quickly and easily. You will only require rudimentary tools and material that is possibly already available in your workshop. If not, they are not hard to find. You also don’t need power tools for this project. You can easily accomplish the same thing manually – although they are a great time saver.



  • 18mmx500mmx350mm MDF board

– Tools

  • Router
  • Chisel
  • 16mm Bit with Drill Press
  • T-Tracks (optional)
  • Band Saw (optional)

Step 1: Cuts 2 Slots

In order to get a working drill press table, we will start by cutting 2 slots at equal distance from the side with our router bit. MDF is easy to cut so it should not be too difficult.

Step 2: Drill 2 Holes at the End of the Slots

With a drill press retrofitted with 16mm bits, puncture 2 holes to the end of the slots. This will then connect to the fence of the table.

Step 3: Place the Fence

Now that you drilled your holes, place the fence at perpendicular to the back slots and tighten the fence to the MDF board.

Step 4: Inserts

Drill 4 insert holes at the center of the board. This will allow you to freely rotate the insert around.

Step 5: Cut the Center and Make an Insert Lip

Use a jigsaw to cut a square in the center of the board for the insert. The using a router, make a lip for the insert to position on. You can further use a chisel to finish the rough edges of the lip.

Step 6: Cut the corners of the board.

Use a band saw or jig saw to round off the corners of the board. This will prevent it from hurting you when you bump into it while drilling. Of course, you can use any type of cutting power tool for this purpose. Even a good old handsaw will do perfectly fine.

Step 7: Cutout the Pillar Area

You now need to cutout a small semi-circle at the end of the board. It needs to be at the exact center of the two end sides. This will give room for the drill press pillar to maneuver.

Step 8: Fixing the Custom Table to the Press

All that remains now is to fix the custom table to table of your drill press. Et voila! You now have more surface area to work as well as having a sturdier table to drill. You can firmly bolt custom table to your drill press or simply place it on top with no additional work.

The custom drill press table is ideal for fixing your clamp and is thick enough to withstand quite a bit of force. This should make working with a drill press more pleasant – and certainly more productive.

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